In the space of 72 hours we sold our house and brought a new one. The weird thing is, we weren’t even looking to move until a few weeks before!!!

However the Universe had other ideas.

Suddenly we are about to leave a home we lived in for 10 years, in an area I have lived in for 17 years!!! WOW!!!! Despite being over the moon and super excited I was struck with a large bout of FEAR which hit me like a tonne of bricks!!!

The truth is, although I was ready to move there are parts of me that were attached to this home and it made me feel safe – something that is so important to me.

I found myself acting like you do when you break up with someone, you know what a mean, when you know they are an arsehole but you suddenly only focus on their good points!! My ego stepped up a notch and was reminding me of all the things I loved about this house and was pointing out all the reasons I should stay here and not think about moving.


Because we are all programmed to resist change!!!!!!!


We spend our lives building our comfort zones based on our beliefs, our experiences and what we have been brought up with believing. They keep us safe and stop us from taking risks and potentially hurting ourselves in some way. As much as we all say we want to move beyond our limitations and boundaries, very few of us actually do so, due to letting fear take hold and keep us playing small.

This was me! I felt like I was reverting back to my inner child and protecting myself from the unknown, staying safe and plodding on. It really surprised me as I didn’t think I would act like that and it shows that fear can creep up at any point and knock you sideways.

The truth is FEAR is always there and YES change is scary BUT it is how to choose to let fear play its part that will be the difference between living your dreams and playing small.

You can choose to stay safe in your comfort zone and carry on life as you know it, expecting what you have and putting up with the things that annoy you OR you are choose to acknowledge fear but take control.

Choosing to take control helps you to experience life with new eyes, to step out into a world of opportunity and create you dream life BUT you don’t have to do it alone.

Fear will be there all the time, but make it sit in the back seat while you take control.

Overcome fear by making choices that are in line with your goals, your passions and most importantly your WHY…….

CHOOSE to focus on your WHY – Why you want to move, set up a business, write a book, start a family etc.

CHOOSE to acknowledge fear but use it to push you forward and not hold you back.

CHOOSE to visualize and Mediate so you can see you life come together and can connect to the feelings this generates, allowing you to create your own reality.

CHOOSE to take a breath, relax and tap into your intuition.

CHOOSE to trust your instincts

CHOOSE to trust in yourself & others

CHOOSE to stop comparing yourself to others and to stay true to who you are

CHOOSE to build a support team around you, who understand you, who recognize your path and who know you WHY

CHOOSE to trust in your abilities, your ideas & your actions

CHOOSE to allow yourself to be happy.

CHOOSE to put plans in place so you know the direction you need to take, what’s involved and timeframes to complete it to help reduce overwhelm.

CHOOSE to embrace change and know it is NEVER as bad as you think.

CHOOSE to see change as exciting, a new opportunity, a new beginning.

We can never guarantee anything but what we can do is create a thought path, a feeling and a connection that steers us down the route of success and happiness. By stepping into your truth, showing strength and courage you can create the life you want, really want and really deserve.

Don’t let fear rule your life and hold you back. Trust in yourself and your passions and stay true to who you are and what your want to achieve. You don’t need all the answers straight away you just need to make your WHY bigger than you fear and CHOOSE to keep going.

Big love as always

Emma xx

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