Success is 80% Mindset and 20% Strategy.


You + Me – your secret weapon, together for a year! How about it?

Introducing my new 12 month program, perfect for you if you are a busy, successful entrepreneur who is familiar with all things Mindset but need that monthly reminder to help you to keep on track and to ensure don’t let old habits creep in as you upscale your life and your business.

With a combination of Mindset coaching & hypnotherapy I will work with you to take your life and business to the next level by creating personalised, strategic plans that are in total alignment with your goals. Using a variety of transformational techniques we will work together to grow, expand and develop your mindset so it generates the results and outcomes you desire.

If you are a determined and ambitious female entrepreneur, ready to scale your own successful business by utilising your unique skills and talents and creating a laser focused mindset that is driven by success, money and opportunities this is perfect for you.

Using my unique M.A.X Rules framework based around 3 main principles: Mindset + Action = eXcellence,  I have created my 12 month Coaching program that will help you to continue to breakthrough your fears, manage self sabotage and take inspired, meaningful action everyday to up-level your business. We will work together to build a unique Mindset formula that will enable you to overcome the biggest challenges, smash your money goals, build connections and achieve anything you put your mind to.

It’s time to take control and make choices based on your true happiness.


Here is the thing – Running a business is the greatest development journey there is….


You need strength, guts, focus, and a commitment to keep going no matter what!!! 


But, Life can sometimes throw curve balls that knock us off track, trust me I know, BUT it is what we do to respond to that curve ball which will determine the outcomes you get.

We get triggered on so many levels:

  • Having to put yourself out there and risk being judged by others
  • Selling yourself, your ideas and your products but feeling a fraud and letting impostor syndrome kick in.
  • Being told No, and getting rejected by your customers creates feelings of not being good enough.
  • One bad launch gives your inner critic a megaphone that just won’t go away.

And lets not forget those stories we tell ourselves!

  • The voices that told you that money is evil.
  • That good things don’t happen to people like you
  • That life will always be like this
  • That nobody like’s a show off.

They come to the surface and become deafening.

BUT just imagine what your business would be like if you took back control, trusted in yourself, had an underlying belief in your abilities that allowed you to take risks with confidence and to show up everyday as your best self.


“Working with Emma was such a positive change in my life. I can’t recommend her enough to empower you, help you take control of your own life and make you realise the importance of self care in this hectic, busy world. She showed amazing patience and every session was really fun and thought provoking. I felt completely stuck in a rut, I was juggling my kids and loosely running a business. I didn’t feel like I was achieving anything of any real worth. I struggled with time and guilt and for the first time was financially dependent on my husband. My confidence was at an all time low. Working with Emma helped me to take control of my life by letting go of the past and believing in myself in a way I have never done before. I really got to understand the blocks I had formed and how it was impacting on my life. The techniques she shared with me made a huge difference and although I felt really anxious to start off with the results have been amazing. My business no longer runs like a hobby and I have just had my highest income month to date. For the first time I have a clear ideas of what I want to achieve and what I need to do to make this happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Becki

Do you want to be more, do more, earn more & feel inspired everyday?

Do you want to break the six-figure ceiling and generate several income streams?

Do you want to write a best-selling book and get a publishing deal?

Do you want to be paid to speak about your “why” and become an international speaker?

Do you want to buy the dream home and pay it off fast, so you and your family have financial freedom?

Do you want to create huge impact and leave a legacy you can be proud of?

Do you want to have time to travel, spend time with loved one and still make money?

Do You….

Have big visions and ambition to match to create new levels of success, but you just can’t seem to get out of your own way and constantly remind yourself why you shouldn’t do it?

know you’re capable of amazing things and have the vision and ambition to match, BUT you just don’t know where to start or how to begin, you are going round in circles, feeling tired, emotional and getting more and more confused on what to do first.

Put yourself out there and even had that first wonderful glimpse of success, but old patterns are repeating again, self-sabotage has kicked in and now you’ve stalled. You are constantly comparing yourself to other and wondering why it is so easy for them.

Want to break the six figures and create the success you rightfully deserve, but right now you just feel out of control, stuck and frustrated, unable to make progress, paralysed by fear and limiting thoughts and questioning whether you truly deserve the success you desire.

Whatever you want,  I want to help you create the mindset you need to make it happen……….


Firstly I know how you feel…

Having suffered multiple traumas such as sexual & physical abuse, redundancy and miscarriages I know first out what it feels like to be stuck in a cycle of doubt, frustration, anger and overwhelm, to be controlled by past experiences and to put your dreams on hold because you just don’t know where to start or how to make it happen.

I spent years repeating the same mistakes, coming up against the same challenges and slowly getting more and more disillusioned by it all. Everything just felt like hard work.

I would watch others get promoted, set up a business, have children, earn more money, feel happy. I wondered whether why it never happened to me, what was I doing so wrong? When it would be my time?

It caused me to doubt myself, procrastinate, worry, overthink, feel out of control, and play the victim

My life changed when I made a choice to show up daily, be accountable and have fun.

I am a qualified Mastery NLP, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist and have over 6 years in the Coaching industry

I have worked with Global brands, large corporates, business owners and entrepreneurs all looking to break old patterns, strip everything back and create a mindset for success that is rightfully theirs.

I am the Queen or focus and organization juggling my business 2 days a week and spending quality time with my gorgeous miracle son.

My MAX Rules Frameworks are built around my three core principles – Mindset + Attitude = eXcellence

You truly can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to if all three are in alignment.

I have worked with hundreds of people and helped them go from playing small, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused and unmotivated to confidence, focused and motivated with clear direction so they show up daily, take action.


One of the hardest things for us ladies to do is to give ourselves permission to follow our passions and put ourselves first.

Often we are so consumed with the needs of others that we forget to focus on ourselves.

If you want to create a life that you love and achieve success that will make you proud, you need to learn to put yourself first. You must embrace your greatness, your inner sassiness and show up for your dreams every day.

Because the only person that can truly stop you from succeeding… is you.

I have made it my mission to help as many women as a I can to fall in love with life again and to trust in themselves again so they can reignite their passions, and turn their dreams into reality by believing and understanding anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Here’s what’s included…

  • 12 Monthly 90min Zoom sessions
  • Agreed actions plans to keep you accountable and clearly on track
  • Email support to answer any queries you may have on the days when you need an extra bit of support and guidance (I will always aim to get back to you within 24hrs)
  • Templates, meditations and resources to help you to achieve your goals
  • Early bird offers to all new programs and Live events
  • Support and Guidance
  • Everything you need to make those vital first steps to achieve your goals, create the life you want and to stay focused.

During each of your personalised coaching calls we will:

  • Work through your goals, ideas, blocks and obstacles
  • Put Monthly action plans in place to help you achieve your goals and be accountable
  • Talk openly and honestly about how you are feeling
  • Work together to gain clarity, increase confidence and self belief
  • Use suitable techniques and tools to help you to achieve your goals

“I have just finished my 1-2-1 coaching program with Emma and I can’t thank her enough. Her patience and support have been life changing. I always doubted myself and never felt I was good enough. I had hit rock bottom & was lucky enough to meet someone who was able to start me on the road to recovery by beginning to understand how the mind works & how ours thoughts create our reality. Using the techniques Emma shared with me has allowed me to really follow my heart and believe in myself. For the first time in a long time I feel confident enough to follow my dreams and do the things I love. Thank you so much you are one in a million.” Martha


Book a FREE 30 minute discovery call


  • identify the stories you tell yourself everyday that leave you feeling stuck, trapped and frustrated.
  • Understand and break down your limiting beliefs
  • Gain clarity and direction of what you want in life
  • Defeat Self sabotage
  • Eliminate the control of fear
  • Free your mind from self-doubt and increase your confidence to new levels
  • Understand you can have it all, you don’t have to choose, one or the other
  • Manage your progress and work effectively to make room for your true purpose.
  • Reset your mind so you can mind flip any negative thoughts and behaviours allowing you to see the positive in every situation.
  • Identify your WHY
  • Create an Elite Team of support
  • Control the mind monkeys and transform your thoughts
  • Change your thoughts on money and allow abundance to flow
  • Use some transformational techniques you will leave you feeling energized, motivated and focused on the things YOU want in life.
  • Say goodbye to procrastination and help to put together fun, focused and committed actions that will take you to next level of success.
  • Create the life and the outcomes you want.


  • Create Strategic Action plans that are in alignment with you goals
  • Strip everything down to daily and weekly steps
  • Keep things simple
  • Make connections with influencers, supporters and peers.


  • Feel FREE
  • Let go of your past and create a life of freedom and opportunity
  • Be successful in all areas of your life
  • Create the results you want leaving you feeling energized, motivated and happy
  • Receive what you deserve and not feel guilty about it
  • Have fun and enjoy the best years of your life

So are you ready to…


MAXimise your confidence and self worth, let go of the past and take control of your success & happiness

MAXimise your courage and self belief, push past fear and step out of the shadows of doubt

MAXimise your success by gaining clarity, direction, focus and drive to take inspired action everyday

MAXimise your abundance by forgiving your past and creating space for opportunities, ideas, money and happiness to flow.

MAXimise your happiness by making choices that FEEL right for you and are in alignment with your passions, desires and wellbeing.

MAXimise your health and wellbeing – physically, emotionally and spiritually

This program is all about transforming your mindset from fear to freedom be creating space, love and belief in yourself and your abilities. We will go on a journey that opens up countless opportunities and allows you to start living the life you deserve.

No more ifs, buts and maybes! It’s your time to shine.

I know you are reading this because you aren’t quite where you want to be in life, perhaps you are struggling to move beyond your past,  or are feeling trapped in self doubt and worry. You may feel like you’re being pulled in a million and one directions and you just need more time.

I hear you, lovely! I have been there myself and it drives you crazy!

Sometimes the personal touch, is what you need, to help you to unravel your inner awesomeness and empower you to take that leap of faith and GO FOR IT.

Then let’s do this!

First and foremost, I want to understand your needs and get to know you better.

Use the link below to book a FREE 30 minute discovery call.

The best investment you can make is yourself… 

I truly believe that the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself to grow and develop.

Once you make that commitment everything changes for the better.


 Your Investment


Payment Plan 12 x £600 Monthly Payments

Clients who pay in full receive a FREE Fear to Freedom Package

Please note: In order for me to offer you the best of me, there are limited spaces on this program. Once this program is full you will be unable to join until I reopen it again later in the year.


“As a business owner and busy mum, I was really struggling to juggle my business and the being with my family. I was suffering with guilt and low confidence as a result. Working with Emma on her 1-2-1 program really helped me to prioritize life’s challenges, increase my confidence and manage difficult situations both from my past and in my present life using some really simple but amazing techniques such as mediation, relaxation, coaching, NLP and CBT techniques. As a result I have a more balanced approach and outlook to life, I have taken the pressure off myself and no longer feel the guilt I used too. She made me believe I can have it all and instead of worrying about how to make it work, I now show up every day and trust in myself. I am extremely grateful to Emma.” Victoria